Following the great news that we have been offered £17.5M by the government, we know that there are many questions that our fellow Todmordians will want answers to. It’s an old adage but, Rome was truly not built in a day and there are a number of processes to go through before we have the transformational funding resources at our disposal.

The first task is that the board has to agree to accept the offer and sign a principled agreement with the Ministry Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), known as the Heads of Terms document.

The second task is that within two months of accepting this offer, the board needs to confirm details of projects and present a plan for addressing key conditions relating to those projects and the overall Town Investment Plan.

And thirdly we need to complete business cases for the projects and submit the Summary Document within 12 months of the deal being agreed upon. MHCLG will then provide the agreed funding up to the maximum amount of £17.5m for those projects, provided that all conditions are met.

In summary, the board has to:

– Agree Heads of Terms by 6th August

– Confirm project costings early October 2021

– Complete business cases for projects within 12 months

These are exciting times. Much work will be going on behind the scenes and it may be some time before we see cranes on the horizon! But the board wants to assure the town of regular community engagement events and progress reports as and when there are significant milestones to highlight.

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