Citizens’ Assembly – Community Comments

Citizens’ Assembly Comments

Citizens’ Assembly – Community Comments

The majority of questions asked through the Chatbox during the online Citizens’ Assembly meetings were answered ‘live’ at the time and you will find them posted on our Citizens’ Assembly – January 2021 page.

Below you will find some comments and feedback received about the Presentation and its Proposed Projects immediately after the event (mainly via email) – plus all comments made during the meeting in the live Chatbox.

If you have any questions or comments you’d like to add then please do Get in Touch.

Community Comments & Feedback After Meetings

“Whilst I support the principle of improving visitor accommodation, I think this site [Lever St] is unsuitable compared to the previous proposal to build on Pollination Street. I know this is currently a car park but it is the one open site In the town centre that is actually next to water (with a good view of it) and could be significantly improved with good signposting and landscaping. Indeed, the current site already acts to funnel visitors from/to the town from the towpath and has a sense of enclosure, which is already attractive to visitors and residents.

“The previous site for visitor accommodation (Pollination street) has much better access and is not so constrained in what can be built. I think this proposal to build on the proposed site could have significant opposition in an area that is residential and is removed from the main commercial area of the town.”



“My thoughts after receiving your card through my letterbox. Sorry to miss the people’s assembly, the card only arrived on the day of the meeting and I was already busy that day- though I am pleased you followed this approach and hope it was fruitful.

“I’ve been living in Todmorden for four years, and am an artist and creative producer, specialising in community-focused projects and as such feel, it’s essential that whatever ideas are taken forward promote creative, grassroots community-led change and aim to connect different communities together- building confidence and skills in young people, and developing pride in where they live. There is a great mix of older more established communities within Todmorden, and newcomers like myself, and this mix offers great scope for regenerative projects, especially ones that engage younger people.

“If there are any projects that are taken forward that of such a thing, I would be keen to get involved and help out with, so please bear me in mind if anything sparks from my email.

“I wish you well and take care.”


“I would like the Board to consider taking down the One-Stop block, as this would create a great vista across to Central Methodists from the Town Hall.

“Probably it would require a compulsory purchase order, but I don’t think that should inhibit discussion, as one of the main points of the Town Deal project is to encourage otherwise unthinkable schemes.

Thank you.”



“Unfortunately due to the present restrictions, I missed the deadline of the 7th January, together with my intention to call at the market stall.

“In the first instance, I commend and support the vision statement regarding the bid statement, for the investment money.

“However, I’m a tad confused as was under the impression the money available was granted to both Todmorden and Brighouse, individually, or so the local MP‘s announcement would have us believe? Whilst these matters are never that clear, I would trust the money available will go to the respective towns and not swallowed up by greater Calderdale?

“As I said I endorse the vision statement, however, to ensure and attract a strong visitor economy the most essential requirement is the redevelopment of the central and market areas. The initial plans for a hotel, restaurant, and market areas I commend in principle.

“Furthermore and in view of the unfortunate addition of a further supermarket to a town centre site which should have retained the Ormrod centre as a centrepiece in the redevelopment plan.

“Therefore to help mitigate such lack of vision by the said councils of Calderdale, and hopefully make amends for such lack of holistic town planning. The ideas for the central plan are the first step in moving the town forward into the 21st century.

“Finally, I trust the design aspects incorporate both progressive ideas whilst respecting and incorporating local vernacular.”


Community Comments & Feedback During Meetings

S1 From Margaret Smith to Everyone:  01:22 PM

Reopening the station at Cornholme a great long term objective


S1: From Bob Beck to Everyone:  01:24 PM

Station at Cornholme.  We ought to promote that at every possibility even if it’s 20 years away at the earliest.


S1: From Jackie to Everyone:  01:16 PM

Disappointed that there is nothing here in Cornholme or Portsmouth. Transport is an issue with increasingly poor public transport and no safe cycling route into town


S1: From Amy Hinks – Booth Centre to Everyone:  01:34 PM

If transport links are improved, then more of us from Cornholme will be able to more easily access the benefits of the investment in the town centre, so hopefully this will help


S1: From Gill Shirt to Everyone:  01:26 PM

Details of the project. I would love the young people of Todmorden to be involved. I have to leave now as I am running school for key workers’ children. Let me know how we can be involved. Gill Shirt, Head at Todmorden High School.


S1: From Penny Price to Everyone:  01:20 PM

Any mountain biking activity could link to the Adrenaline Centre in Rossendale, as cyclists will think nothing of doing 50Km in an afternoon.


S1: From Penny Price to Everyone:  01:59 PM

I missed the first part of the Pollination street development… but would like to see whatever developed there respects the market hall and the methodist church and the long views to Stoodley.  The recent proposals in the paper a year or so ago ignored this. The old Rose St centre actually had more merit as a building relating to the market hall.  look on google street view …


S1: From John Andreae to Everyone:  01:57 PM

Thanks you for all this hard work and inspirational plans. I do however wish to express my disappointment that there does not seem to be any plans to improve the large area between market, Methodist hall and the shops including Pollination way. My own view is that the is quite a dispiriting area. great work has been done by IET of course but the open area is used very little and to be honest is pretty bleak for most of the year. yes you can pick your herbs and blackcurrants but this is a minority interest in terms of usage by the general population. I also revise my previous comment about the car park. We have a car park stuck right in the middle of a space that could be a marvelous community space. Move the car park to the far end behind the open area. Most of us are capable of walking 150 yds and there could be disabled spaces. The existing car park has trees and i an imagine seating areas and possible outdoor eating and drinking


S2: From Paula Marshall to Everyone:  07:01 PM

concerning flooding in Todmorden we are willing to work with you and give you our knowledge of flooding


S1: From Margaret Smith to Everyone:  01:59 PM

Still know that with the covid there’s a lot of water to flow under the bridge, expenditure on competitive projects could still seem a bad idea if things turn out really badly. we are all in a UK wide crisis.


S1: From Julie Thorpe to Everyone:  01:40 PM

Not just building skills at TLCCH – all green economy: agriculture, repairs, energy etc


S1: From Dave Keach to Everyone:  01:45 PM

Get rid of Calderdale and become a borough council again where Todmorden was looked after


S1: From Alison Duddle to Everyone:  01:12 PM

How exciting! well done everyone who worked on it


S1: From Robert  to Everyone:  01:12 PM

Well presented – thanks Pam


S1: From Jamie Rossi-Stephenson to Everyone:  01:12 PM

Agreed, looks like some really good things going on here.


S1: From Bob Beck to Everyone:  01:16 PM

Thank you for the time that you’ve taken to present today and in preparing the bids that are going forward.


S1: From Dave Wardell to Everyone:  01:39 PM

I will probably be unhappy that some things I would like to see aren’t in the mix or that some of the solutions are ones I think are wrong.  But, I’d rather have £25m invested in the town than argue about “preferences” as that level of investment will open up funding and options for other things.


S1: From Amy Hinks – Booth Centre to Everyone:  01:49 PM

A very exciting time for the future of our town. Just want to acknowledge all the hard work that has gone into this work during a challenging time, thank you all.


S1: From Mark Anderton to Everyone:  01:49 PM

Well done Board members, a lot of work has been done. Many Thanks.


S1: From mart to Me:  (Direct Message) 01:49 PM

Great work and ideas


S1: From Sue Wardell to Everyone:  01:49 PM

Thanks very much everyone


S1: From Penny Price to Everyone:  01:49 PM

Yes thank you, much appreciated


S1: From Bob Beck to Everyone:  01:49 PM

To ditto much of the above.  Thank you to the people who’ve put so much hard work and time in.


S1: From Mica May to Everyone:  01:50 PM

Thank you. Great to catch up on everything that’s going on here in Tod


S1: From Diana Tremayne to Everyone:  01:51 PM

Thank you for all your work so far. It will be exciting to see how things develop and to find out the ways in which we can get involved to feedback further and support the plans


S1: From Julie Thorpe to Everyone:  01:56 PM

Thank you Rhona for excellent facilitation and a good event.


S1: From Ginny to Everyone:  01:56 PM

Thanks for all the work you’ve done. It sounds really exciting.


S1: From Louise Wadley to Everyone:  01:56 PM

Thank you for everything and to everyone for all the hard work – while there are gaps it is clear that so much has already been done and in a very trying times – so thanks all


S1: From Mica May to Everyone:  01:57 PM

Thank you to everyone. I have to leave now as I am facilitating a meeting at 2 myself. Sorry to miss the goodbyes.


S1: From Kathryn Kim to Everyone:  01:57 PM

Very well run and informative meeting. Thank you all


S1: From Nadeem Mir to Everyone:  01:57 PM

Thanks to Silvia for ensuring wider participation


S1: From Roisin Cavanagh to Everyone:  01:58 PM

Thanks for all the hard work all.


S2: From Mary-ann Hodchild to Everyone:  07:06 PM

Thanks everyone, we have to go.


S2: From Aeisha Timbers to Everyone:  07:07 PM

Thanks this was a very useful session, but I have to go have a good night everyone.


S2: From Shannon Jackson to Me:  (Direct Message) 07:15 PM

Hi Rhona, just wanted to say lovely to be introduced briefly tonight. Thanks for hosting the session 🙂


S2: From Anne Tully to Everyone:  07:22 PM

Can I say thank you to all the hard work people have put in to the bid . It is evident just how much thought has gone into it


S2: From Martha Waters to Everyone:  07:27 PM

Thank you so much for this evening! well done on all the work so far. you make Tod proud.


S2: From Emma Stafford to Everyone:  07:28 PM

All sounds exciting – thanks for your hard work!


S2: From Beka Haigh to Everyone:  07:29 PM

Thanks for all your hard work to all those involved so far!


S2: From Shannon Jackson to Everyone:  07:29 PM

Thank you all!


S2: From Paula Marshall to Everyone:  07:29 PM

Thank you


S2: From Janet Marshall to Everyone:  07:29 PM

Thank you


S2: From Scott Boardman to Everyone:  07:29 PM

Thank you so much, it was very interesting and very exciting, From the owners of Robinwood Mill. 🙂


S2: From Abbie Cowie to Everyone:  07:29 PM

Thank you


S2: From Beate Kubitz to Everyone:  07:30 PM

Thank you, looking forward to talking more about these plans