Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement

Youth Engagement

The Town Deal Board made an early commitment to ensuring the youth of Todmorden would have their say on this transformational journey for the town, proactively pursuing a policy of inclusivity for the Under 25s.

They funded a youth and community engagement report as a part of the Town Investment Plan when they bid for government funding – and then followed that report to establish a youth engagement sub-group. From this, they also funded an initiative for a youth-led team (The Collective) who will bridge the gap between the needs of the young people now and in the future with the board’s ambitions and those of other lead agencies in the town, such as the Town Council and the business network, Todconnect.

An important initial task was the formation of a Youth Strategy for the Todmorden Town Fund, which was created by The Collective’s lead and founder, Shannon Jackson.

 The Collective introduce themselves just below…

We are The Collective: a group of U25s coming from the Town of Todmorden and looking to create more hometown opportunities for the next generation working as a parallel project supported by, and supporting, the Todmorden Town Deal.

Since established in July 2020, the Town Deal Board have shown a commitment to a new vision of U25 inclusion and placing young people as a central priority within the projects they have selected for our future with our local community.

This began with a town-wide “youth” consultation and strategy led by young Todmordian Shannon Jackson, which sat at the heart of the funding bid submission made back in January to the UK Government.

Now successful in a whopping £17.5 million funding win (*internal cheers*), The Collective supports the Town Deal as it enters into the next phase.

Our Team and Mission

Working with an incredible team of U25s coming from Tod and West Yorkshire, we are here to change the story of what it means to grow up and live in a small town like Tod.

The Collective is made up by…

  • Shannon Jackson – Co-Founder of The Collective
  • Billy Demkowicz – Co-Founder of The Collective & Head of Illusive Events & Records
  • Lewis Daggers – Lead on Graphics and Artwork
  • Daisy Nelson – Lead on Social Media & Other Marketing

We aim to support those who have been hit hardest by the recent Covid19 pandemic – and in doing so need to consider how we centre young adults, youth and children in our Town’s work.

The Collective is here to build more hometown opportunities and town pride among all U25s who live here.

We are working towards three key goals across our Town, the Valley and West Yorkshire:

  • More paid work and training for U25s
  • More U25 led youth events and activities (so we also give back to those younger)
  • More new venues and spaces that feel owned by U25s and are “ours” in the Town

Support Us and Get Involved

We ask our Town to support us as a community of under 25s. More will be announced about how to do that soon, but for now please start by doing any or all of the following:

  1. Help us build our base – give us a like, follow and share our content on social media
  2. Be a Mailchimp supporter – and get signed up for our first announcements on U25 and youth opportunities coming soon.

Meeting The Mayor @ The Wheels Park Opening Event August 2021