A number of people have been contacting us in regard to the proposed hotel and location of it, as outlined in the Town Investment Plan (TIP).

The first thing to say is all of the TIP is an outline proposal, some of which may or may not get funding. Following that there will need to be business cases made for each project detailed designs drawn up and planning permissions sought.

An outline case for additional accommodation has been made in the TIP and this business case will be developed should funding be available.

The board is mostly made up of local people giving their expertise and free time, we are not outside developers. We will listen, nothing will be bulldozed through and at every stage there will be consultations so residents and businesses will have the opportunity to support or object to any of the proposals including the proposed hotel and or its location.

We have a long way to go in this town-wide project and our current objective is to ensure the town benefits from the wider bid for major investment.