Over 100 Local People Have Their Say on the New Enterprise Centre at the Recent Consultation Event Held by Calder Valley Community Land Trust

Over 100 people attended a consultation event on 22nd November to view plans and drawings for the exciting new enterprise centre project, incorporating affordable rented homes, proposed for the Ferney Lee site by project partner, Calder Valley Community Land Trust, as part of Todmorden’s Town Deal’s £17.5M investment package.

Team members and trustees of Calder Valley Community Land Trust and their development partner Connect Housing were on hand to talk through the plans and proposals with members of the public, and to listen to ideas and comments from local people.

The event proved highly constructive in that Calder Valley Community Land Trust implemented changes to the plans during the event itself in direct response to comments from residents.

Residents living on Ferney Lee Road shared their concerns about a shortage of parking in their neighbourhood and were concerned that the development did not create overspill parking. A redesign has now increased onsite parking by 10%.

Additionally, an entrance previously intended for vehicles will now be pedestrian-only due to the traffic concerns shared by Harehill Street residents, and a bin store has been relocated at the suggestion of Lee View Court residents, with parking spaces also moved to another part of the site.

Please click on the image below to watch a short 3d animated video ‘walk-around’ the proposed Fernley Enterprise Centre & affordable housing development. Opens in a new window.

Paul Brannigan, Executive Project Manager, Calder Valley Land Trust said:

“The consultation was a very important opportunity for us to listen to people’s views, especially our future residential neighbours at Ferney Lee.

“The suggestions people made were extremely helpful and ensured we have the local insights we need to ensure the final scheme will exist in harmony within the neighbourhood.

Outlining further suggestions and questions shared by the local community, he continued:

“Suggestions include aiming to keep the public footpath open during construction. The strongest consensus from attendees was to support our aim to retain as many existing trees as possible, provide additional planting and improve green space and its accessibility for the whole community.

“We heard about existing drainage problems in the wider area and whilst we can’t address those directly, we can ensure our design does not make that problem worse. Our development will have porous surfaces to absorb rainwater, rather than create run-off and during heavy rainfall, water will be held in underground attenuation tanks for slow release over a long period of time so as not to overwhelm local drains and watercourses.

“I’d like to thank everyone who came along, and we plan to continue the dialogue as we progress this exciting new venture for Todmorden.”

The Consultation process continues with opportunities to take part online at a dedicated Enterprise Centre page…  http://caldervalleyclt.org.uk/ferneylee/

Pam Warhurst, Chair, Todmorden Town Deal Board said:

“The response by our partner, Calder Valley Community Land Trust, to local people’s suggestions and comments perfectly demonstrates our approach across the wider Town Deal programme.

“I’m delighted to see people getting involved and helping to shape how we deliver opportunities and facilities for the town for the long-term benefit of all.

The new development includes plans for 23 flexible rented offices with shared indoor and outdoor areas.

Alongside the enterprise centre element, Calder Valley Community Land Trust in partnership with housing association Connect Housing, plans to create 20 highly sustainable and affordable rented homes to meet housing needs identified in the Todmorden area.

The enterprise centre is planned on the site of the former Ferney Lee Older Peoples’ Home and will include planting and green spaces to create an attractive hub for working and living at walking distance from the town centre and train station.