Todmorden Town Deal Board is pleased to announce that the town has been awarded £17.5M towards realising the town’s vision for the future, following submission of the Todmorden Town Investment Plan in January 2021.

The announcement follows months of hard work to develop a plan from a diverse range of ideas and projects put forward by people and organisations from the local community.

The Towns Fund award greenlights an exciting raft of projects that will anchor Todmorden’s ambitions to be a beacon market town for the 21st century, building on the unique landscape, fine heritage, creative and enterprising spirit for which the town is already known.

Craig Whittaker, MP for Calderdale and Todmorden Town Deal Board member said:

“I am incredibly proud to have secured this money for Todmorden from the Government. It is brilliant news that an investment of £17.5 million has been awarded. This will give a massive boost to the local area and it is great to have witnessed so many passionate people from all parts of our community working together to enhance facilities and our economy.”

Cllr. Silvia Dacre, Todmorden Town Deal Board and Calderdale Council member, said:

“I am delighted that Todmorden is to receive this award from the Towns Fund. This investment will build on the existing strengths of Todmorden to create a sustainable future for our residents and a great visitor location. The bid was built on the strong history of consultation within the town and the dedication of the Todmorden Towns Fund Board who worked hard to put the Town Investment Plan together within a tight timetable.

“For Todmorden Town Deal Board, this investment is a vital and significant first step to attracting further investment, partnership and collaboration to ensure the realisation of every aspect of Todmorden’s vision as a beacon market town for the 21st century.”

Pam Warhurst, Todmorden Town Deal Board member said:

“What fantastic news. We’ve put our heart and soul into creating this ambitious plan for our town and working with the people of Todmorden we know we can make those dreams real. Can’t wait to get started!”

Stephen Curry, Todmorden Town Deal Board member doesn’t underestimate the work ahead:

“It was very challenging to produce a £25M investment plan in just six months, we should be proud of our efforts however, as £17.5M, represents one of the highest amounts per head across the national town fund pool. This is just the start of our development ambitions, we have to ensure we maximise the value of this initial funding by using it to attract further investment and partners to achieve our overall ambitions for the town.”

Tony Lawson, Todmorden Town Deal Board member said:

“I am delighted we have been successful in achieving this award for our town. This investment will support the town’s aspirations for the future and give a much-needed boost to the local economy.”

Barbara Jones, Todmorden Town Deal Board member said:

“Todmorden has a fantastic community that has proven during recent adversity that we can pull together and has plenty of experience of making every penny count – with this funding we will be able to do far more than anyone expects and will provide skills and training for local people as well as making our town look great, not just feel great!”

Jim Duffy, Todmorden Town Deal Board member said:

“I’m thrilled that the bid has been successful. We can now get to work on the delivery of these great projects that taken together will be a massive boost for the town.”

Frankie Mullen, Todmorden Town Deal Board member said:

“The TIP has been shaped by the involvement of many from our diverse local communities. Their continued and increased participation will be vital to achieving the potential impact and benefit for everyone in the town as we progress these transformational projects.”

The next stage focuses on supporting project leads and partners to develop detailed robust business cases for each proposed intervention. This will involve extensive further community engagement and consultation.

Projects within the Town Investment Plan aim to deliver opportunities for learning, improved health and wellbeing, and better access to Todmorden’s unique environment and heritage. Across all activities, Todmorden Town Deal Board aim for sustainable approaches within the design and build.

The Town Investment Plan was put together in a process that, despite the restrictions and difficulties of the pandemic, aimed to involve as many people as possible in having their say, including holding Todmorden’s first-ever Citizens’ Assembly, taking place in two online sessions with nearly 200 people taking part, as well as a dedicated visioning workshop with young people from Todmorden High School.

Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council is the accountable body for delivery and assurance across all projects for Todmorden Town Deal Board.